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Dog Walking

I can collect your dog from your home, your place of work, or meet at other locations based on your particular circumstances.  I am located close to Bermondsey Spa Gardens and Bermondsey tube and my main coverage extends (based on closest green space) from around Burgess Park, Southwark Park, up to the Russia Docks Woodlands. I will also consider the south Wapping area.

Single or group walks (with similar minded dogs!) are offered, depending on preference.  Leash and off-leash walking is available, as well as a good walk, play time and cuddles

Pet Sitting (cat/dog/small animals) / House Sitting
(and other special requirements)

This can cover a number of options, so please enquire with any specific requests.  I can visit your home during the day whilst you're busy and take care of your pet(s) needs: feedings, medication, cleaning cages or trays, a shorter 40minute at home play with your dog for those not looking for a full hours walk, and so on.  Please get in touch with any enquiries!

Our pets prefer to be able to stay in familiar surroundings, so why stress them by sending them elsewhere if you don't have to? I offer house sitting duties, so if you need to be away overnight or for slightly longer periods and don't want your pets left home alone but also don't want to send them elsewhere to board. 

Puppy Care

Everyone knows puppies need special care before they're ready for the big, wide world.  I can offer a pop-in service whilst they are going through their inoculation period and early development, complementing your work schedule so your puppy isn't home alone all day.

I will take care of cleaning up any mess, ensuring they have the time to do the business whilst I'm there with them, as well as giving the little one some play time and cuddles.  We can progress to outside and new environments as they get older.  This will help with your puppy's socialisation skills so that when they are more develolped they will be more ready for walks with the other dogs in my care. 


Other London essentials such as acclimatising them to the Tube (during less busy periods!) can also be arranged.  Please ask me if you have other requests.

For those looking for a regular service: please note that discounts are available for those wishing to set up a regular payment scheme. Also available when pre-buying a block of 10 bookings in advance.  See Rates & FAQ sections for more details.


Where I roam...

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