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  • What services are available?

Dog walking - hour-long walks, with activities based on your particular canine needs.

Pet Sitting - dogs, puppies, cats, rabbits, fish and other small animals who could do with some human company, or just need to be fed and checked on to ensure all is OK.

Prior to service starting, there will be a free initial consultation with you, me and the animal(s) concerned.

  • Why must there be an initial one-on-one consultation?

The initial consultation is free and gives us the opportunity to meet in a stress-free environment and see how your dog and I interact.  This will enable tailoring of my services to meet both your needs, as well as you to show me where everthing is for feeding, washing, medication or any other needs.

  • Why don't I offer doggy day-care?

It's not that I don't want to, but sadly I can't.  Unfortunately, my current accommodation has limits making it not an option.  In the future circumstances will change and this will become an option!  Half day-care is an option for dogs suited for being out for longer periods of times.

  • How many dogs will be in a group?

Currently I'm getting around by foot and bike.  Groups will be limited to 4 dogs at most. If you prefer, 1-to-1 walking services are available - please refer to the Rates section for further details.

I am insured for up to 6 dogs and in the future will consider upgrading my services with a vehicle so as to offer you more flexibility.

  • How to pay?

The choice is yours!  Preferred methods are BACS/Faster Payments transfers or PayPal.  I will also accept cash - receipts will be provided.  Services are paid monthly.  For those taking a regular weekly service (Monday to Friday inclusive) you can pay up front quarterly and get a nice 10% discount. All over-night sitting bookings are secured against a non-refundable 25% deposit, the remainder of which is to be paid 3 days prior to the 1st visit.

E&EO. Prices subject to change, though notice will be given for existing regular contracts.

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