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About me

QuadPaws is a professional, reliable one-man dog walking and pet sitting business operating in Bermondsey and the surrounding areas of South East London.

My name is Rob and I've come into this industry after being made redundant from a long-term team leading role in an office-based career in 2015. To be honest it was a blessing rather than a shock, and after looking at my options I considered it an unmissable opportunity to reorient my working life back to something I could find both rewarding and satisfying. Something I'd been missing for a long time, and something that I definitely needed back! I've loved animals all my life - particularly our furry canine friends - and considered it a wonderful opportunity to be able to work in a profession where I can help care for them.  Offering dog walking and pet sitting services felt like a winner of an idea, and to achieve that goal QuadPaws is the result.

Whether my new animal loving clients or, most importantly, our four-legged locals of South East London themselves, I pride myself on offering a professional, friendly and personal service that you will feel confident recommending to friends and family.

I have plans beyond simply dog walking and pet sitting and am in the process of taking courses to enhance my dog (and small animal) handling skills, with a longer term goal to be able to add professional dog training to my list of services.

But all this talk of dogs doesn't mean I don't also enjoy looking after the cats, rabbits and other small animals that form part of our homelife and family!

Where I roam...

QuadPaws walking areas
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